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14 yr old jobs

What jobs can you get at age 14?

Jobs permitted for 14-year-olds and older teenagers by the federal government include office and clerical work, cooking with an electric or gas grill (no open flames), cashiering, price marking, and bagging. But every state has different laws on how to get a job at 14, and what it takes to get on a payroll.

What stores Hire 14 year olds?

The Giant Eagle grocery store chain has over 400 locations in the United States located in five U.S. states. Theyll hire workers as young as 14 years old for various positions. If you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio or West Virginia, you may be able to work at Giant Eagle.

What places are hiring at age 14?

McDonalds Some McDonalds locations hire 14 year-old crew members. Safeway 14-year-olds with permits can land a job at Safeway supermarkets as a bagger. Taco Bell Taco Bell often employs people who are 14 and older. Baskin-Robins This ice cream chain hires as young as 14 years of age. Chick-Fil-A Many Chick-Fil-A...

What places Hire 14 year olds?

Some of the places where 14-year-olds can work are: Grocery stores. Other retail stores. Restaurants. Farms. Gas stations. Car washes.

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