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A big anaconda

How big is the largest Anaconda in the world?

The anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world. A large individual anaconda might weigh 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms), but will usually top out at a few hundred pounds. Anacondas can measure more than 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) in diameter. Females typically outweigh males.

How big is an anaconda compared to a school bus?

Its cousin, the reticulated python, can reach slightly greater lengths, but the enormous girth of the anaconda makes it almost twice as heavy. The semiaquatic snakes weigh as much as 550 pounds, and can be as long as a school bus. Learn how they maintain their massive size.

Can a Green Anaconda snake attack a human?

Green anaconda. Anacondas are one of the largest snakes in the world. Reports of anaconda attacks on humans are rare, but these boas can take down large prey, including jaguars. Anacondas are a source of many myths that exaggerate their size and attacks on humans.

Where are the eyes of an anaconda located?

The eyes and nostrils are on the top of the head, enabling the anaconda to breathe and to see its prey while its body lays submerged under water. They can stay completely submerged for ten minutes. While they are agile swimmers, they sometimes prefer to let the river's current carry them downstream with only their nostrils above the surface.

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