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A polar bears habitat

Why do polar bears live in Arctic?

Polar bears live on the annual ice throughout the circumpolar Arctic. Because they love the habitat where the current stream and windy stream interact with each other and forming melting and refreezing ice patches.

Where do polar bears live?

The polar bear population is at risk due to climate change, and the melting ice caps. The southern most polar bear population is in Canada, in the area surrounding Hudson Bay. Greenland is home to the largest population of polar bears.

What are polar bears habits?

Polar Bear Habits. Polar bears are mostly solitary animals and are active at all times of year, always on the look-out for a meal. They are extremely strong and active and cover the ground quickly with long strides of their bowed legs. The soles of their feet are covered with hair to help them get a grip on slippery ground.

Where can polar bears be found?

The polar bears can also be found in Greenland, Russia, and the US. Of the 19 known polar bear subpopulations, two subpopulations are found in the James/Hudson Bay area, another subpopulation inhabits the Western Hudson Bay, while another group in the northwestern Ontario and James Bay.

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