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A tiger cub

Where can I buy a tiger cub online?

Buy Tiger Cubs Online at Although tiger cubs are small and cute, in their first year alone they will grow to hundreds of pounds and have canine teeth and claws that are several inches long. Owners cannot declaw any tigers, as they use their claws for walking.

How big is a tiger cub when it is an adult?

But they grow rapidly. By the time a tiger becomes an adult, they weigh 150 times their birth-weight. Compared to humans who grow around 15 times from birth to adulthood, this is extraordinary. Fortunately and unfortunately, a tiger births many cubs at once.

When does a tiger cub come out of its den?

The tiger den is so hidden we wont know when a cub emerges from it for the first time. We do know that it varies by both location and circumstances, and family. A tiger and her cub playing on the grass. From birth a tiger cub will stay in their den and nurse for up to 2 months.

How long does it take a tiger cub to open its eyes?

Some baby tigers in captivity were observed to only open its eyes, and look at their surroundings, after 2 and a half weeks! We dont know if similar examples occur in the wild. Because a tigress has to be able to hunt every day, it doesnt suit them to be pregnant for very long.

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