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Adventure time elephant

What is the name of the elephant from Adventure Time?

Product Description. Tree Trunks is a yellow-green pygmy elephant friend of Finn and Jake who speaks with a gentle, Southern drawl and lives in the Candy Kingdom.

What happened tree trunks?

In "Crystals Have Power," Tree Trunks returns with a new evil personality as main antagonist and mastermind of the episode. It is revealed that when she ate the Crystal Gem Apple and exploded, she was actually sent to the Crystal Dimension.

Who voices the ancient psychic tandem war elephant?

Steve Agee returns as the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, and Keith Ferguson returns to the series to voice Colonel Candy Corn.

Are tree trunks alive?

Most of a tree trunk is dead tissue and serves only to support the weight of the tree crown. The outside layers of the tree trunk are the only living portion. The cambium produces new wood and new bark. The band of tissue outside of the cambium is the phloem.

Is BMO a guy or girl?

Despite being voiced by a female voice actress (Niki Yang, who considers BMO as male) BMO has no definite gender, and characters (including BMO) refer to BMO in a variety of ways throughout the show, including using both male and female pronouns, as well as terms such as "m'lady" or "little living boy".

How old is Finn?

How Old Is Finn In Adventure Time? Adventure Time's main protagonist Finn is 17 years old. We know this information thanks to the season 10 episode Seventeen which follows Finn around his birthday. When the series picks up Finn is said to be a 12-year-old boy and the only human in the land of Ooo.20 . 2021 .

What happened to the King of OOO?

According to the Adventure Time crew, he is made of earwax; this is confirmed by the King as he mentions his "waxy heart" in "Hot Diggity Doom." In "The Dark Cloud," Crunchy pushed him into a fireplace, reducing the King of Ooo to a melted pile of goop.

What happens to the elephant in Adventure Time?

After helping Finn and Jake destroy Darren and zapping Maja (which hurls her into a tree, where she hits her head and goes into a coma), the elephant is left at odds as to what to do with itself, and is disappointed by Finn's attempt to set it free, as it feels a need to follow psychic commands as a war machine.

How much does ancient psychic tandem war elephant cost?

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (for more information, see Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant) is an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that cost $1500 to place. This ally hovers, which allows it to be placed on water, land, or lava.

How old is tree trunks in Adventure Time?

After she is released from her Crystal Gem power in "Crystals Have Power," Tree Trunks tells Finn that she likes him a lot. This strikes an odd chord with most viewers as Tree Trunks, based off her voice and personality, is an older character and Finn was a thirteen-year-old boy at the time.

What's the name of the elephant in something big?

In " Something Big ", the elephant is summoned by Finn and Jake to save the Candy Kingdom from Maja and Darren, who recognizes the elephant as "Eli" (pronounced "Ellie").

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