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African elephant fun facts

What is special about African elephants?

African elephants are the largest animals walking the Earth. Their herds wander through 37 countries in Africa. They are easily recognized by their trunk that is used for communication and handling objects. And their large ears allow them to radiate excess heat.

What do African elephants do for fun?

Elephants in captivity have often been seen playing with toys that are provided to them, such as soccer balls and large beach balls. They enjoy batting the ball around with their trunks. This can prove to be hours of fun. From a young age, elephant calves enjoy running around with their friends.

What is unique about an elephant?

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth, and they're one of the most unique-looking animals, too. With their characteristic long noses, or trunks; large, floppy ears; and wide, thick legs, there is no other animal with a similar physique.18 . 2019 .

Why is it called African elephant?

This name refers to the lozenge-shaped enamel of the molar teeth, which differs significantly from the rounded shape of the Asian elephant's molar enamel. An anonymous author used the Latinized spelling Loxodonta in 1827.

What are elephants scared of?

Elephants, regardless of how big they are, are also startled by things that move by them fast, like mice. According to elephant behavior experts, they would be scared of anything moving around their feet regardless of it's size.. Elephants are not alone in their fear of mice and other rodent like creatures.13 . 2019 .

Can elephants jump?

Despite what you may have seen in your Saturday morning cartoons, elephants can't jump, according to a video by Smithsonian. ... Unlike most mammals, the bones in elephant legs are all pointed downwards, which means they don't have the "spring" required to push off the ground.27 . 2016 .

How far do elephants walk in a day?

They walk up to 50 miles a day. When they don't move, that's when they have physical problems. Fico also contends that elephants in captivity typically die at about age 40, while those in the wild live into their 70s.1 . 2006 .

Do elephants have emotions?

Joy, anger, grief, compassion, love; the finest emotions reside within these hulking masses. ... Through years of research, scientists have found that elephants are capable of complex thought and deep feeling. In fact, the emotional attachment elephants form toward family members may rival our own.11 . 2010 .

What is the African elephants special features?

Both males and females have visible tusks Their large ears are shaped like the continent of Africa A very long prehensile nose (trunk) with two finger-like features

What do African elephants like to do?

Elephant ears radiate heat to help keep these large animals cool, but sometimes the African heat is too much. Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves. Afterwards, they often spray their skin with a protective coating of dust.

Is an elephant an African animal?

Elephants are broadly classified as African elephants and Asian elephants, residing in the continents of Africa and Asia, respectively. Elephants are highly social and intelligent animals and must be protected from the ill effects of human activities.

Does an African elephant live in the rainforest?

African Forest elephants survive on a diet of herbs and trees or shrubbery leaves and large amounts of water. African Forest elephants are found in lowland tropical and subtropical rainforests and woodlands of central western Africa.

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