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African masks for kids to make

What can African masks be made of?

Fact Five: Most African masks are made of wood. A mask carver is always male and usually holds an important status among his people. A mask is often made from a single piece of wood. ... In addition to wood, masks can be made with other materials including beads, bells, feathers, metal, fur, raffia, and shells.

What are African masks for kids?

In many African groups, masks are worn by dancers. Masked dancers often participate in ceremonies that include songs and prayers. Different ceremonies honor children's coming of age, harvests, funerals, and other events. The person who wears the mask knows exactly what he or she must do.

What cultures have masks?

They were also widely used among Oceanic peoples of the South Pacific and among American Indians. Masks have served an important role as a means of discipline and have been used to admonish. Common in China, Africa, Oceania, and North America, admonitory masks usually completely cover the features of the wearer.

Are African masks valuable?

Most African masks are fakes. ... If a mask measures up well to all of these, chances are you will have to pay a lot for it. The good news is that these high-quality pieces will most likely appreciate in value. Fakes, reproductions, tourist junk, and authentic-but-inferior masks are not a good investment.

Why did Africans use wood masks?

The majority of masks and sculptures are made of wood for two reasons: Trees are in plentiful supply in the forest. The carver believes that the tree has a spiritual soul and its wood is the most natural home for the spirit in the mask.

Who wears African tribal masks?

Many African societies see African masks as mediators between the living world and the supernatural world of the dead, ancestors and other entities. Each African mask is made according to a traditional style, and a trained performer wears each African mask for a certain traditional ceremony.

What tools are used to make African masks?

A tool called 'azde' is used for sculpting the wooden masks. The history of African masks can be traced back to Paleolithic times. These masks hold great importance in the African culture. In olden days, masks were used in many different ceremonies. These masks were made from metals, wood, fabric, etc.

What material can be used to make an Afircan mask?

Learn How to Make an African Mask From Paper Mache Materials Needed: Frame Construction. The frame provides a sturdy base for your paper mache mask. ... Cardboard Frame. Cut a cereal box into 1/2-1 inch wide strips. ... Plastic Bottle Frame. Clean the bottle and remove the label. ... Pulp Frame. Fill a bowl with shredded paper. ... Newspaper Strips. ... Papier-Mch Paste. ... Construction. ... Decoration. ... Resources. ...

What are African tribal masks made from?

African Masks. African masks were traditionally made for rituals and ceremonies. They are often carved from wood, painted with ochre or other natural colourings and decorated with leather, straw, animal hair, copper, shells or feathers.

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