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Amazing facts about hippos

Do hippos kill their young?

Mother hippos have to protect their young from male hippos. Grown males dont attack on land, but they will attack and often kill baby hippos under water. There has been a lot of research on why animals kill their young, and it happens for many reasons depending on the particular circumstances.

Why are hippos becoming extinct?

It is believed that factors such as a lack of food and weather conditions could have contributed to it. As experts continue to uncover more and more fossil remains out there, they are going to find other extinct species of Hippos. There is a debate in fact over some fossils that have discovered and what they really are.

What do hippos eat and facts about hippos?

Firstly, hippos are usually herbivores, which means that they eat no meat. The hippo diet consists mainly of grasses. Hippos love grass and it is their number one nutrition source. Hippos will also eat most plants, and occasionally eat aquatic plants. Rarely, hippos have been seen eating carcasses of dead animals.

What are hippos sometimes called?

Hippos vocalize on both land and in the water and are the only mammals that make amphibious calls. Hippos have stiff whiskers above the upper lip and some fuzziness around their ears and on their tail. A group of hippos is sometimes called a bloat, pod, or siege. The hippo is similar in size to the white rhinoceros .

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