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An arctic fox

What are the Predators of an Arctic fox?

Similarly other predators such as wolverines and wolves also prey on arctic foxes. Humans are also the predators of the arctic fox. When the 45-days-old pup comes out of the den it doesnt feel threatened and so it rarely hides into the den (even if the threat is nearby).

How does an Arctic fox eat its prey?

Arctic Foxes locate their prey under the snow, and then capture, kill, and consume it. They walk along the snow, listening with their sensitive hearing. Once an Arctic Fox locates a small animal, it will either dig it up or jump on the snow in order to break through so that it can access the prey hidden beneath.

How does an Arctic fox protect itself?

Arctic foxes protect themselves with their sharp claws and fast running ability. They can even swim. The magnificent coats of the arctic fox change with the season, ranging from pristine white to silver blue to brown. This is a perfect camouflage to protect them against their greatest enemies.

Is the Arctic fox a predator or a prey?

Arctic fox is not the biggest of foxes so they will be highly vulnerable to the potential predators. While adult foxes are pretty safer from the Arctic predators, young often fall prey to the ground living terrestrial mammals. Polar bears are at the top of the food chain-they are thought to be the Arctic's deadliest predators.

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