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Animal attractions in san diego

Can you touch animals at the San Diego Zoo?

San Diego Zoo doesn't allow you to hold their animals. It's not safe for you or them. But there are tours & experiences that may include touching & feeding trained Animal Ambassadors. ... Pet wallabies & kangaroos without extra fees at San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Walkabout Australia.

What animal is San Diego known for?

Given its proximity to canyons, mountains, coastal sage, and desert landscapes, San Diego in particular is full of snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more, so it's not unusual for homeowners to find all manner of creatures in their yards.

What animal is at La Jolla?

One of the most famous and controversial La Jolla attractions is our resident population of wild La Jolla seals and sea lions. Unless the weather or surf keeps them away, they are almost always lounging or swimming along our stunning shoreline from the sea caves to the Children's Pool and beyond.13 . 2021 .

What are the best attractions in San Diego?

Some of the city's most popular attractions are the museums, gardens, and Spanish Colonial-style architecture found in Balboa Park ; the world famous San Diego Zoo; and the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.

What wild animals are in San Diego?

At Wild Wonders in San Diegos North County town of Bonsall , visitors can tame their curiosity for wildlife by getting up close and personal with 150 animal ambassadors including parrots, desert tortoises, an alligator, wallaby, foxes, groundhogs, bobcats, monkeys and a Siberian lynx.

Is there a zoo in San Diego?

San Diego Zoo, one of the largest collections of exotic and endangered mammals, birds, and reptiles in the world, located in San Diego, California, U.S. The municipal zoo, founded in 1916, is administered by the Zoological Society of San Diego . It occupies a 100-acre (40-hectare) site in the citys Balboa Park amid a setting...

What are the tourist attractions in San Diego California?

In San Diego, the prime tourist attractions are spread out over a large area. However, staying downtown affords easy access to many of the top sites, including the Gaslamp Quarter; Balboa Park; San Diego Zoo; the harbor; Horton Plaza shopping; Little Italy; and Petco Park, where the Padres play.

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