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Animal facts for first graders

What I know about animals for kids?

Animals are living things. Like plants, animals need food and water to live. Unlike plants, which make their own food, animals feed themselves by eating plants or other animals. Animals can also sense what goes on around them.

What is some important information about animals?

An animal must have several characteristics to be an animal: it has a body built of many cells, it gets the energy necessary for life by eating other organisms, it has the ability to move, and can sense its environment. Animals are a natural group, or clade, descended from a shared common ancestor.9 . 2017 .

What animal has 32 brains?

2. Leeches have 32 brains. A leech's internal structure is divided into 32 separate segments, and each of these segments has its own brain. In addition to that, every leech has nine pairs of testes but that's another post for another day.24 . 2017 .

What are some animal facts that kids should know?

Must Know Animal Facts for Kids. 1 1. Tiger. 2 2. Dogs. 3 3. Dolphin. 4 4. Elephants. 5 5. Giraffe. More items

What to do with animals in Grade 1?

These grade 1 worksheets focus on the needs of animals, the classification of animals by various physical attributes and the relationship of animals to their habitats. Classify animals as insects, birds, mammals .....

What to learn about animals in National Geographic?

Discover rare and unusual species, brilliant bears, fierce felines, awesome reptiles and incredible marine life, just to name a few. Learn animal facts about habitat, behaviour, speed and appetite (beware, the great white shark !) and most importantly, discover the threats that many of these amazing animals face today.

Which is the best animal book for kids?

Get ready for a walk on the wild side through every continent on Earth! Kids can discover the animal kingdom like never before in Lonely Planet Kids The Animal Book, a beautiful encyclopedia featuring over 100 incredible creatures, from the grey wolf and green anaconda, to the bald eagle and emperor penguin.

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