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What do coatimundi eat?

Coatimundis search for food both on the ground and in the forest canopy, frequently climbing to obtain fruits. This species is more typically seen on the ground. Coatis are omnivorous, typically eating fruit and invertebrates. Diet may include frogs, lizards, small mammals, or birds and their eggs.

Are coatimundi dangerous?

Owning a coatimundi is something like caring for a permanent toddler with sharp claws and teeth and an amazing ability to climb, swim, and get into mischief. If coatis aren't bottle raised at a young age and continually socialized, they can become violent and dangerous, much like a pet primate .

Where do coatimundi live?

Range: The Coatimundi is found in tropical regions of South America, from Columbia and Venezuela, to Uruguay, northern parts of Argentina, and into Ecuador. They can be found on the eastern and western slopes of the Andes Mountains.

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