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Animals for little kids

What is the best pet for children?

Golden Retrievers. A Golden Retriever is a magnificent pet for the whole family, and especially for children: they are very intelligent, gentle, loving and patient dogs. Golden Retrievers make very good friends with young children, and they even bravely put up with the "little monsters" pulling on their hair.

What are some animals for kids?

Birds, like canaries, can be good first pets. Some recommend getting cats or dogs while a baby is an infant so the child can grow up with the pet. Ferrets are usually very active and can keep children entertained. A playful dog is a good pet for many children.

How can I teach children to be kind to animals?

10 Ways for Kids to Be Kind to Animals Read a Book about Being Kind to Animals. Any great lesson begins with a book, so I love to start the conversation on kindness to animals by reading with ... Support your Local Animal Shelter. Learn more about homeless animals in your community and how you can help. ... Adopt, Don't Shop. ... Learn about Animals' Needs. ... Practice Caring for a Pet. ... Bake Dog Cookies. ... More items...

What is the best way to learn animals?

Take your child to the state fair. Most state fairs have livestock and other farm animals. When they can relate a story associated with the animal they identify it better. Seeing and experiencing something first hand is a sure shot way to build memory relating to the thing.

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