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Animals that live in the polar

What animals live at the North Pole?

Polar bears, arctic fox and of course Santas reindeer are some animals that live in the North Pole. There are also icy glaciers at the North Pole. Santas workshop, village and home are located at the North Pole.

What animals live in the Arctic habitat?

Land animals living in the Arctic include animals that are predominately found in this region of the world, such as polar bears, caribou, reindeer, wolverines, ermine and Yakut horses, as well as Arctic foxes, wolves and hares.

What plants live in polar regions?

There is a smaller abundance of plants in the polar ice than in most other biomes, these include: Wildflowers, Arctic Poppies, Arctic Azaleas, Arctic Lupine, Mosses, Grasses, Lichens, and small shrubs like the Arctic Willow. The polar ice caps are very extreme biomes.

What is a polar habitat?

Polar habitat. Polar Habitat is the second-highest type of habitat that a player can build in a Menagerie of a Player-owned house.

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