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What are the defining features of an Orangatang?

Physical Characteristics Size. Orangutans are the world's largest arboreal (tree-dwelling) mammals. ... Hair & Coloration. Orangutan coloration can vary greatly between dark-brown and pale reddish-orange but is most often reddish-orange in color. Shoulders & Arms. ... Cheek Pads. ... Throat Sacs. ... Mouth. ... Hands & Feet. ... Hips & Legs. ... Tails. ... Brain. ... More items...

What is the personality of an orangutan?

Scientists have found that orangutans have a sense of empathy and mimicry which forms an essential part of laughter. Orangutans have been shown to display individual personalities. Orangutans are renowned for their high intelligence. Their use of tools even extends beyond foraging and nest building.

Do orangutans live in groups?

Orangutans are the only apes that do not live in large social groups. This behavior is associated with their diet, primarily of fruit, as a large social or family group would deplete the usually sources of fruit in any given area.

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