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Arctic fox young

What kind of family does an Arctic fox have?

Fun Facts Communal and nomadic; the foxes form small bands and scavenge for food together. A family group consists of one male, two females (called vixens), and their young. Arctic foxes are monogamous, usually mating for life.

When do baby Arctic foxes come out of the den?

Arctic Fox Babies. Baby Arctic foxes are called kits. Theyre born with dark fur and enjoy the care and attention of both parents. Kits nurse for about 45 days and begin to emerge from the den after three weeks. By week nine, the pups are usually ready to make it on their own. At nine months, theyre sexually mature and ready to start mating.

How does an Arctic fox survive in the winter?

When food is overabundant, the Arctic fox buries (caches) the surplus as a reserve. Arctic foxes survive harsh winters and food scarcity by either hoarding food or storing body fat. Fat is deposited subcutaneously and viscerally in Arctic foxes. At the beginning of winter, the foxes have approximately 14740 kJ of energy storage from fat alone.

Where did the Arctic fox get its start?

According to fossils, Arctic foxes got their start in Tibet during the Pliocene Epoch, 2.6 million years ago, then spread to North America and Eurasia by migrating over ice-land bridges.

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