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Are african crocodiles endangered

Are crocodiles becoming an endangered species?

Animals such as the crocodile have species that have reached endangered status . The ostrich has reached threatened status in some regions of the world. Conserving and preserving these species often involves fundraising to raise money for their protection.

How did crocodiles become endangered?

The American crocodile is considered to be an endangered species. The numbers have dwindled due to hide hunting, loss of habitat, and pollution. In addition, a large number of adults have been removed for commercial farming.

Is the crocodile on the Endangered Species List?

Background The American crocodile is a primarily tropical species reaching the northern end of its range in southern Florida. Undiscovered until 1869, the American crocodile has always been considered rare in Florida. Habitat loss in southeastern Florida has been the primary reason for population decline. More items...

Is the American crocodile endangered or threatened?

Throughout much of its range, the American crocodile is listed as threatened or endangered. FPL partners with federal and state conservation agencies to help with crocodile restoration efforts.

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