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Are komodo dragons venomous

How dangerous are Komodo dragon?

Although not strictly venomous, the bite of a Komodo Dragon is not just dangerous for the physical damage the Komodo is capable of causing, it is also heavily dosed with dangerous bacteria. If a victim is lucky enough to escape being eaten, because of the bacteria, it is likely to die eventually.

Are Komodo dragons immune to Venom?

Recent experiments showed that saliva contains venom that probably contributes to a deadly effect of bite. Komodo dragons often fight with other dragons. They bite each other during the fight, but unlike other animals, they are immune to bacteria from their saliva.

How do Komodo dragon kill their prey?

For the longest time, people believed that the worlds largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, killed its prey with a dirty mouth. Strands of rotting flesh trapped in its teeth harbour thriving colonies of bacteria and when the dragon bites an animal, these microbes flood into the wound and eventually cause blood poisoning.

Do Komodo dragons have venom or do they have septicemia?

Komodo dragons - lizards the size of men with large, serrated teeth and a venomous bite - certainly are the stuff of legends, but their septic bite is nothing more than a myth. Scientists don't always get things right the first time around, and sometimes, even the most careful observations can miss what's really going on.

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