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Artica fox

What are the Predators of an Arctic fox?

Similarly other predators such as wolverines and wolves also prey on arctic foxes. Humans are also the predators of the arctic fox. When the 45-days-old pup comes out of the den it doesnt feel threatened and so it rarely hides into the den (even if the threat is nearby).

What does the Arctic fox like to do?

They like to feed and hunt on birds, fish, eggs, rodents, and carrion. They usually live in burrows to stay warm as well as to protect themselves from predators. The arctic fox has a good balance due to its long tail, just similar to a cat.

What are some Arctic fox traits?

The Arctic Fox has many physical characteristics that allow it to live and survive in its environment. A dense, fluffy fur coat protects it from the cold, and small rounded ears control sound location and heat loss.

What animal eats an Arctic fox?

Polar bears, wolf packs and humans are only real predators of the adult Arctic fox, along with large birds of prey such as snowy owls, that primarily prey on the smaller and more vulnerable Arctic fox cubs.

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