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Atlanta safari zoo

How big is the wild animal safari in Atlanta?

Wild Animal Safari. You dont have to travel far to experience hundreds of exotic animals from around the world. Just 50 miles south of Atlanta creatures roam freely throughout this 500 acre park.

Where is the Georgia Safari Park in Georgia?

Our vision is to create a conservation legacy that will have a positive impact on the lives of people and animals. The Georgia Safari Conservation Park is being developed on 530 acres of rolling pastures and grasslands in Morgan County, Georgia, just one hour East of Atlanta on Interstate-20!

What to see at the wild animal safari?

Wild Animal Safari features two different ways of seeing these exotic animals. The Serengeti Adventure is a 3-mile drive through section where you will have a chance not only to see, but also to feed and touch animals from around the world.

Is there a wildlife park in North Georgia?

North Georgia Wildlife Park - North Georgia Wildlife & Safari Park! Care, Connect, Conserve! Known for it hands on animal experiences, working hands on farm and Wildlife Walk. A great place is visit in North Georgia. Ticket bookings are not available online on the day of the event.

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