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Baby orangutan pet

How long does a baby orangutan stay with its mum?

An orangutan will nurse her baby for four to five years, but the infant will stay in the mother's nest for eight years. It depends on the species and when they begin to mature. Some can stay with their mom for years (or what may be an equivalent for the species), like humans.

How big is a baby orangutan when newborn?

Usually, a newborn baby orangutan weighs one to two pounds. During the growth years their weight continuously increases, and they will weigh around twenty five pounds when they are six or seven years old. The closest to humankind, orangutans are cute monkeys that share almost 97% of human DNA.

How many babies do orangutans have?

The gestation period for the orangutan is about nine months. The females only give birth to a baby about every six or eight years. They usually have one baby at a time sometimes two. The average size at birth is 1.5 to 2 kilograms. When a baby orangutan is born it cant do anything for itself.

What is the weight of a baby orangutan?

Infant orangutans weigh about 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.) at birth (small enough to fit in a human's palm) and are completely dependent on their mother. Infants cannot even raise their heads at birth. Once infants are born, mother orangutans clean them and begin nursing.

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