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Beetle info

What is the function of a beetle?

344 species of beetles and large bugs such as cicadas are consumed as delicacy around the world. Beetles such as ladybugs and ground beetles eliminate pests from the gardens and fields. Dung beetles play important role in nutrient cycling and in enrichment of soil with minerals.

Does the beetle have a hard shell?

All beetles have two sets of wings - their body is covered by a hard shell (called an elytra) that protects the thin wings underneath that are used for flying. The thin flying wings fold out from under the elytra when the beetle is ready to take off.

What are all the types of beetles?

This is a list of significant beetles and weevils, ordered alphabetically by common name and family. antlike flower beetles (family Anthicidae) bark-gnawing beetles (family Trogossitidae) bess beetles (family Passalidae) blister beetles (family Meloidae) borer beetles (family Anobiidae)

What are the names of beetles?

Here are some of the names given to the Beetle: Kfer in Germany Broscalanu' or Broscua (froggy) in Romania Sedan, then Fusca (popularly, Fusquinha, or little Fusca) in Brazil Boblen (the bubble) in Denmark Coccinelle in Belgium, France and Haiti Garbus (literally, 'Hunchback') in Poland

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