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Best animal photos of all time

Which is the best animal photo of 2018?

A whirlwind is seen as elephant and zebras walk through the Amboseli National Park. Whirlwinds swirl in the background of this photo, recognized by Reuters as one of the best animal photos of 2018.

Which is the best wildlife photo in the world?

Here are 50 award-winning wildlife photos that show how diverse and beautiful the animal kingdom is. The overall winner of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was a photo of an expressive squirrel.

Why are there so many perfectly timed animal photos?

Wildlife photography is a combination of patience, time, skill, love for the animal and luck. And with luck, you can get an award-worthy perfectly timed photos, so incredible that if you blinked you would have missed it! We have rounded 50 examples of perfect timing while capturing these funny animals all these photos seem like pure luck.

What are some of the most famous animal photobombs?

Now have a chuckle over these incredible animal photobombs! 15. Cat Photobombs Self-Portrait 14. Cat Photobombs Dog 13. Llama Bombing in Machu Picchu, Peru 12. Falcor Dog Photobomb 11. Kiss This Fish Photobomb 10. Troll Pigeon in New York City 9. Photobombing Bull in Pamplona, Spain 8. Wedding Bombing Llama 7.

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