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Best animal sites

What animal would make the best pet?

Dogs and Cats. Dogs and cats are the most common types of pets. They are the animals most people consider first, and they make some of the best pets. Thats because they have been kept as pets for thousands of years, making them well domesticated and easy to train.

What are the best websites to find dogs? (International) is one of the more popular places to go to find a dog and is one of the first to show up in the search results. The interface and ease of navigation around the site is decent, although not great in other words, it could use an upgrade.

What are some good pet adoption websites?

1) Petfinder 2) Adopt a Pet 3) ASPCA 4) Rescue Me 5) Best Friends Animal Society 6) Petsmart Charities 7) The Shelter Project 8) AKC Rescue Network 9) Petco Foundation

Which small animal is the best pet for You?

with more than 60 rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. busy hamster is a pet that's fun to watch. ... Guinea Pigs. The endearing guinea pig is a herd animal that enjoys interacting with its owner. ... Mice And Rats. ... Gerbils. ... Chinchillas. ... Ferrets. ...

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