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Big cat sanctuary africa volunteer

How do you get a job at the big cat sanctuary?

Most big cat keeper positions require at least a year of zoo animal experience with an emphasis in large carnivore care, and the connections made through internships can be vital to finding a job.

How much does it cost to get into Big Cat Rescue?

Ticket cost depends on your tour type (there are day tours, night tours, kids tours and feeding tours, among others), but usually cost between $29 and $125 per person. You must book your tour online on the Big Cat Rescue website, or you can call to reserve your spot.

Why is Big Cat Rescue closed?

Big Cat Rescue is currently closed due to coronavirus concerns, but also in part due to safety concerns over "unknown" visitors because of the popularity and controversy surrounding "Tiger King," according to its website.3 . 2020 .

What is the study of big cats?

Felinology is the study of cats. The term is of Latin-Greek origin and comes from the Latin word felinus (of cats, feline) and the Greek -logos (science). Felinology is concerned with studying the anatomy, genetics, physiology, and breeding of domestic and wild cats.

When to volunteer at Big Cat Sanctuary South Africa?

The afternoon volunteer work will begin around 2:00 or 3:00 PM and you will work until 6:00 PM. During summertime and warm days, the morning meeting will start 1 hour earlier. Wednesdays will not be work days, but rather volunteers will go on a group excursion in Overberg and be able to purchase food for the week at the grocery store.

Are there Big Cat refuges in South Africa?

South Africa - Big Cat Refuge. Volunteer in South Africa at a big cat rescue sanctuary to enrich the lives of these majestic animals! This rescue sanctuary rescues cats from traffickers. These cats cannot return to the wild, as they would not survive due to their captive upbringing.

What can I do in South Africa to help big cats?

Volunteer at an ethical big cat Sanctuary in South Africa. Contribute towards animal welfare whilst learning about the conditions big cats face in captivity and helping to raise awareness of wildlife conservation in South Africa. The owners are the most caring and genuine people I have met in my whole life.

What can volunteers do to help big cats?

Volunteers will be able to do elephant walks, horseback riding excursions, build shaded areas in the animal enclosures, assist with the exercise of the animals, watch the animal wranglers exercise the larger cats and help with various maintenance tasks around the sanctuary. Working with Big Cats!

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