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Binturong adaptations

Why does a binturong smell like popcorn?

Researchers have ferreted out why the binturong, a threatened Southeast Asian mammal also known as the bearcat, smells like popcorn. The culprit is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, or 2-AP, the same molecule that gives cooked popcorn its aroma. Researchers led by Christine M. Drea of Duke University and Thomas E.

How do binturongs defend themselves?

When resting or sleeping, binturongs wrap their tails around the branch to secure themselves. If they are hunting prey in the trees, they do this using behavior very much like a cat. They are good at swimming and diving, so they also hunt fish. Binturongs mark their territory with scent glands under the tail.

Where do binturongs live?

Binturongs, also known as bearcats, live in the canopies of tropical rain forests in southeast Asia. They use their prehensile tail, which can be as long as their body, as another limb to help them climb.

What is the nastiest smell in the world?

The worst smell in the world? It's dead turtles. Even just thinking about a hot, decaying, dead turtle makes me gag. See, Steen works with reptiles, which stink even when they're alive.15 . 2017 .

What's the smelliest animal in the world?

The zorrilla is considered the smelliest animal because it gives off a fluid from its anal glands when it must defend itself from danger. The nocturnal animal eats small reptiles and rodents while living in rocky areas. The zorrilla is also know by its Latin name (Iconyx striatus) or Striped Weasel.18 . 2011 .

What do you call a baby binturong?

These baby Bearcats, also known as Binturongs, were born at the Wildlife Reserves Singapore's Night Safari on January 26. Found primarily in the rainforest treetops of South and Southeast Asia, Bearcats have a mixed diet of fruits, leaves, birds, fish and eggs.7 . 2019 .

What animal is Mama binturong?

Character information Mama Binturong is a female binturong as her name suggests who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard. She serves as one of the three secondary antagonists alongside Chuluun and Ora.

How long can a binturong live?

Binturongs are known to live up to the age of 25 years when kept under captivity with proper medical attention. Generally, they are at a lot of risk in the wild. Binturongs have been at risk of extensive poaching for their meat and skin. They are also under threat from other wild predators.5 . 2021 .

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