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Bird info for kids

What is a bird facts for kids?

Birds are bipedal: they have two legs which are often covered with scales (small, flat plates which over-lap in the same way as feathers). They have a hard beak with no teeth. Because birds keep a high body temperature, they use lots of energy. So, they need to eat a lot of food compared with their weight.

What is the best parrot for kids?

5 Best Parrots for Families with Children 5. The Humble Budgie (aka Budgerigar) Parakeet 4. Meyers Parrots 3. Pionus Sweet, Gentle and Quiet 2. The Sweet and Smart Cockatiel 1. The VERY Best Parrot for Children. Squawkers McCaw

What are 5 facts about birds?

10 Essential Facts About Birds There Are About 10,000 Known Bird Species. ... There Are Two Main Bird Groups. ... Birds Are the Only Feathered Animals. ... Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs. ... The Closest Living Relatives of Birds Are Crocodiles. ... Birds Communicate Using Sound and Color. ... Most Bird Species Are Monogamous. ... Some Birds Are Better Parents Than Others. ... Birds Have a Very High Metabolic Rate. ... More items...

What are some facts about birds?

Quick Facts About Birds: Birds have been around for millions of years. They have feathers, lay eggs, and have hollow bones. Birds can be found all over the world. Insects, plants, seeds, and small animals are most commonly their food. Birds communicate with each other through calls, songs, dances, and feather displays.

What is the best pet parrot?

Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) have long been one of the best small parrots to keep and breed. They are not the most colorful members of the parrot family, but their charming personalities and pleasant vocalizations make them one one of the most popular pet birds.

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