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Blank park zoo reviews

How long does it take to go through the Blank Park Zoo?

You can take time with all the animals and get through the zoo in about 2 hours. Add time if you have kids and want to ride the train or hit the carousel. During the summer, there are usually other add-ons available, such as face painting, boomerang painting, etc.

Does the Blank Park Zoo have elephants?

Blank Park Zoo is a proud supporter of 96 Elephants and has done a lot to help contribute to this cause.4 . 2016 .

Does the Blank Park Zoo have monkeys?

Blank Park Zoo is home to a troop of 10 Japanese macaques three males and seven females, ranging in age from two to 28 years old. Ever wonder what these monkeys do all day? ... After eating, the macaques settle into various daytime activities.6 . 2019 .

Is Blank Park Zoo a nonprofit?

The Blank Park Zoo is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.

Does the Blank Park Zoo have an aquarium?

Myron & Jackie Blank Discovery Center Open year-round, the Discovery Center is home to birds, red pandas, dwarf caiman, fruit bats, Amazon rainforest, a water fall and a 15,000 gallon salt water aquarium.

Does Blank Park Zoo have food?

Outside Food Picnic grounds are available at Blank Park, just north of the parking lot. Concessions inside the Zoo are operated by Hy-Vee throughout the summer.

How big is the Blank Park Zoo?

The Blank Park Zoo manages 49 acres of land. Of that, 22 acres have been developed into animal exhibits or facilities.

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