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Blue poison dart frog size

What is the size and weight of a poison dart frog?

A Blue Poison Dart Frog measures 1-1.5 inches (2.5-3.8 centimeters) long and weighs about three tenths of an ounce (8.5 grams).17 . 2019 .

How tall is a blue poison dart frog?

tinctorius "Azureus" is a medium-sized frog that weighs about 8 g and grows to 3.0-4.5 cm in length. Females are larger and about half a centimetre longer than males, but males have larger toes. The frog has a typical lifespan of five to seven years in the wild.

What happens if you touch a blue poison dart frog?

Yes, it is quite poisonous, according to iNaturalist, and highly toxic if consumed. Assume you would die if you ate one. But when it comes to death by touch these do not appear to be immediately lethal. Rather, blue poison dart frog toxins cause "pain, cramping, and stiffness when the frogs are handled roughly."18 . 2019 .

How rare is a blue frog?

The blue variation is extremely rare. In very general terms, the blue morph is the result of a missing color pigment present in normally-colored frogs of the species. It has been estimated that approximately 1 to 2 percent of green frogs are affected with this condition, though this is probably high.28 . 2015 .

What eats a blue poison dart frog?

Due to their toxicity, poison dart frogs have only one natural predator the Leimadophis epinephelus, a species of snake that has developed a resistance to their venom.1 . 2012 .

Is there a blue frog?

The blue poison dart frog is recognized by its distinctive, blue color. Its bright blue skin is nice to look at, but it also serves as a warning; alkaloids in their skin carry a potent toxin that can paralyze or kill potential predators.

How poisonous are poison dart frogs?

Most poison frog species are considered toxic but not deadly. The poison in their skin can cause swelling, nausea, and paralysis if touched or eaten without necessarily being fatal. ... For example, the golden poison dart frog has especially toxic skin with enough poison to kill as many as 10 grown men.9 2017 .

Do poison dart frogs jump?

The most toxic, worst-tasting poisonous frogs are also the most physically fit, a new study finds. Researchers put nearly 500 of these frogs to the test on a hamster-wheel-like contraption to find out how athletic each species is. ...4 . 2011 .

What makes a blue poison dart frog poisonous?

Blue poison dart frogs are poisonous due to their diet. They eat ants and other small insects that have toxins chemicals in their bodies. The frogs can eat these insects without being harmed.

What threats does the blue poison dart frog face?

Poaching is one of the threats to The Blue Poison Dart Frogs. The Blue Poison Dart Frogs are becoming increasingly popular, but legally importing them to the U.S, is incredibly difficult and expensive. It takes months, if not years, and the poachers can make a LOT of money by going into an area, stripping the frogs, and selling them to hobbyists in Europe.

What special features does a poison dart frog?

Poison dart frogs are diurnal, which means they are active during the day. This is quite an unusual trait in frogs, as most species are active at night. Their diurnal activity keeps the frogs from being eaten, because their colors can be best seen in the sunlight.

What is the Diet of a dart frog?

Variety is the spice of life although dart frogs can live on a diet of just fruit flies or pinhead crickets, providing a varied diet will result in happier, healthier dart frogs! Make sure to dust feeder insects with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement. Bean Beetles.

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