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Blue tounge skink care

Do skinks need to be misted?

Misting the enclosure once a day will usually provide enough moisture for your blue tongue, but a nice humidity gauge can help you in this area. Hand misters are usually sufficient but if you don't care to remember to mist, an automatic mister like the Exo Terra monsoon is a nice option.

Can blue tongue skinks eat tuna?

No, blue tongue skinks should not eat tuna. Tuna is not a natural food for blue tongue skinks, but is also high in fat, salt and can contain heavy metals such as mercury.28 . 2019 .

Should I soak my blue tongue skink?

For your blue tongue skink to shed properly, its tank needs to set at ideal humidity levels. ... You can also give your blue tongue skink a warm soak to help with shedding. Shinglebacks require lowest humidity levels of around 20-30% and should shed normally without any help. Centralian and Western species need 30-40%.

How long can blue tongue skinks go without eating?

A blue tongue skink can go weeks without eating blue tongue skinks during brumation can go up to 3 months without food. However, this is not recommended outside brumation babies will not survive for too long because they don't have as much internal fat storage as adults.

Do blue tongue skinks like to swim?

Blue-Tongued Skink Water and Humidity Blue-tongued skinks are not good swimmers and must be able to easily exit the water bowl. Also be sure the water bowl cannot be easily tipped over. Northern blue-tongues are from semi-dry areas and require low humidity with adequate ventilation.10 . 2012 .

Are blue tongue skinks easy to take care of?

Blue-tongued skinks as a whole are a relatively hardy, easy-to-care for lizard. Since they live in a completely different environment than humans and other mammals, keeping them as healthy pets requires close observation, proper hygiene, and devotion.25 . 2016 .

Do blue tongue skinks like to be handled?

Blue-tongued skinks are easily tamed and often like to be handled. ... Perhaps the most popular pet skink is the blue-tongued skink (or blue tongue), a group of lizard species that are all typically fairly large and found mainly in Australia but also in New Guinea, Tasmania and Indonesia.29 . 2016 .

Do blue tongue skinks need heat lamps?

Blue tongued skinks also require UVB lighting to thrive and be healthy. Using a Zilla Heat & UVB Basking Fixture with a Zilla 50W Mini Halogen bulb and a Zilla Desert Series 50 UVB Bulb will provide the correct heat and UVB needed for your blue tongue skink to thrive.

What size tank does a blue tongue skink need?

ENCLOSURE SIZE:The enclosure should be a solid glass sided tank long enough to create the two separate temperature gradients (warm and cool); a blue tongue skink tank should be at least 55 gallons or larger for an adult and at least 20L for a baby.

Do blue tongue skinks recognize their owners?

Blotched Blue-tongued skink (Tiliqua nigrolutea). Blue tongues have tiny little legs and feet, so they aren't going to go anywhere fast. ... I honestly believe that blue-tongued skinks can learn to recognize their owners. Handling is important, and the best way to get to know your pet skink is to hold it often.24 . 2017 .

How do I know if my blue tongue skink has a respiratory infection?

Symptoms of respiratory infections are sneezing, clear to mucoid nasal discharge, open-mouthed breathing, or drooling. This is often caused by inappropriately low temperatures (often during seasonal changes in the household where the cage heating elements no longer can keep up with the cooler room temperature) and ...

Why do blue tongue skinks hiss?

Because it has no proper defense or offense mechanism, the skink resorts to hissing and displaying its blue tongue when threatened. This sudden gesture, coupled with the hissing sound and the color of its tongue, helps to scare off threats. The skink also flattens its body to make it look larger.9 . 2010 .

Do blue tongue skinks get bored?

Blue tongue skinks are extraordinarily curious lizards that get bored easily, with above average needs for mental as well as physical exercise.

How often should I handle my blue tongue skink?

It should not be handled until it is comfortable in its new environment. Once your new skink is eating regularly, then handling can begin. Initial handling sessions should be limited to ten minutes or less per session. This can be done a couple times each day during the acclimation process.

Are red lights bad for blue tongue skinks?

Don't use any colored bulbs such as blue or red, as they will disturb your blue tongue's sleep cycle. Ceramic heat emitters produce no light, just heat. Also, for night time, an under tank heating pad can be used, however a low wattage ceramic heat emitter is better.

Are blue tongued skinks easy to take care of?

The blue-tongued skink is a large, diurnal lizard, whose appetite for slugs and snails makes it a favorite pet among gardeners in Australia. Skinks are easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance lizards, and make good pets for children and beginners, as long as owners are prepared for their relatively large size compared to other pet lizards .

Do blue tongue skinks really need UVB?

Blue tongue skinks bask a lot in the wild, and need UVB light spectrum to produce vitamin D3 in their skin. Vitamin D3 is crucial for absorption of calcium, so without it, your skink will become deficient and sick. Your blue tongue skink will need a high output 10-12% UVB tube light.

How to handle a blue tongue skink?

How To Tame a Blue Tongue Skink Earn Your Blue Tongue Skink Trust. The first step to tame your blue tongue skink is by winning its trust. ... Follow The Skinks Lead. Each blue tongue skinks is different when it comes to their dislikes, likes, and tolerance. ... Offer Treats. ... Add or Remove Hides. ... Modify The Enclosure. ... Tough Love. ...

What do blue tongued skinks eat and how often?

As pets, blue tongue skinks can enjoy a big variety of foods, such as live bugs, meat, veggies, greens, dog or cat food, fruits and plants. How often do blue tongue skinks need to eat? Baby blue tongue skinks of under 5 months old will need to eat every day with one day a week fasting (6 days a week), 5-10 month olds - feed 2-3 times a week .

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