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Burrowing owl for kids

Are burrowing owls friendly to humans?

Burrowing owls are slightly tolerant of human presence, often nesting near roads, farms, homes, and regularly maintained irrigation canals.

Do burrowing owls eat birds?

Burrowing owls eat insects, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other birds, depending on the season and food availability.

Do burrowing owls live in groups?

Burrowing Owls nest in open areas in a burrow dug by other animals such as ground squirrels. Owls may nest alone or in a group.

What is the life cycle of a burrowing owl?

The burrowing owl's life cycle begins when the birds mate in late winter or early spring, with last years hatchlings ready to find sweethearts of their own during this years mating season. The burrowing owl's lifespan is about eight years.

What are burrowing owls favorite food?

HABITAT AND DIET Burrow in. Unlike other owls, burrowing owls use underground burrows for nesting. ... Good eats. Burrowing owls eat insects and rodents, but they also hunt lizards, frogs, bats, songbirds, young rabbits, and even ground squirrels. Scat scatter. To help food come to them, the owls scatter animal scat at the burrow entrance to attract insects and beetles.

What is a burrowing owl prey to?

The owls prey on grasshoppers and other large insects, as well as some small rodents and birds. Population and Distribution: The Burrowing Owl occurs in western North America in open country from southern Canada to Mexico. The Canadian population occurs mostly in a belt from Regina, Saskatchewan to Brooks, Alberta.

What are the characteristics of a burrowing owl?

Scientific Name and a small facial disc. Range. ... Habitat. ... Nesting. ... Feeding Habits. ... Raptor Center Data. ... Conservation Notes. ...

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