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California wildlife and game

Are California wildlife areas closed?

Seasons/Events. Shasta Valley Wildlife Area is closed for waterfowl hunting for the 2021-22 season. Kern National Wildlife Refuge is closed for waterfowl hunting until November 20, 2021(opens in new tab). Sutter National Wildlife Refuge is closed for waterfowl hunting for the 2021-22 season, until further notice.

Does CA Fish and Game have an app?

The app prompts users on what information to include and includes a button to submit photos. ... The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store or Google Play Store.20 2015 .

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in California?

Yes, you can hunt with an AR in California, but you must follow their highly restrictive State regulations specific to ARs. They are too numerous to list, but if you do follow and play by the rules, you can hunt with your trusted AR in the State of California.

Is hunting open in California?

14 General Deer Hunting Season Opens. California's 2021 general deer season will open in Zone A on Saturday, Aug. 14, and in Zone B-4 on Saturday, Aug. ... Successful hunters must report their tags within 30 days of their successful hunt or by Jan. 31, 2022, whichever is first.1 . 2021 .

How do I contact a game warden in California?

Wildlife Management or Hunting Programs: press 4. Environmental Planning or Review: press 5, or you may call (559) 243-4017. Law Enforcement, Regulations or Hunter Safety: press 6.

What is the wildlife of California?

Like smaller forests around the country, the redwoods house raccoons, squirrels, porcupines, and rabbits. Prey and predator animals abound, and California has its fair share of grizzly bear sightings.

What are the rules for fishing in ca?

Department of Fish And Wildlife Frequently Asked Questions. A valid California State Fishing License is required for all persons 16 years of age. All Bass must be 15 inches in length or more with their mouth closed and laying flat.

Is hunting legal in California?

Deer hunting in California is only legal during designated seasons, which vary throughout the state based on the hunting area, or zone. These seasons are determined based on deer population fluctuations, which depend on weather and breeding patterns.

What is fish and Game Department?

The Department of Fish and Game is responsible for conserving the Commonwealths natural resources while also providing outdoor recreation opportunities to the public. We also issue licenses for hunting, trapping, recreational fishing, and commercial fishing.

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