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Camp camp max sans

Why is there a sans camp for teens?

This is why we created SANS Cyber Camps for Teens, to share foundational information about cyber concepts and careers, and to inspire more young people to become our future colleagues. More SANS Cyber Camps are planned for the future teens and others looking to learn how to pursue a career in cybersecurity should attend to:

What kind of Indian is Max from Camp Camp?

Max is of Indian descent as evidenced in " Culture Day ", when he presented a picture of Mahatma Gandhi as someone who represents his Hindu culture and in " Order of the Sparrow ", when David, dressed as a Native American, claimed to be dressed as an "Indian", prompting Neil to ask, "You mean like Max?", getting the wrong kind of "Indian".

How tall is Max from'camp camp'?

David seems to be around 6'0, so, Max maybe around the height of 4-5'6. He is mostly seen scowling or smirking and rarely sporting a genuinely happy smile. Personality

What kind of clothes does Max wear in camp Camp?

He wears a contrasting blue hoodie with a yellow t-shirt underneath, blue jeans, and red shoes with white stripes and black laces. Max is an angry, jaded ten-year-old who is extremely pessimistic and seems to despise a wide variety of things, including, but not limited to, all of the amenities of Camp Campbell and David.

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