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Caribou information for kids

What is special about caribou?

The caribou is the only member of the deer family where both males and females grow antlers. The antlers of the female are smaller than those of the male, but they are carried for a longer period of time. Male caribou shed their antlers in November or December, after mating.7 . 2019 .

What do caribou do?

Caribou make one of the world's great large-animal migrations. As summer approaches, they head north along well-trod annual routes. Some herds may travel more than 600 miles to get to their summer grazing grounds. They'll spend the summer months feeding on the abundant grasses and plants of the tundra.

Where does a caribou eat?

In summer (May-September), caribou eat the leaves of willows, sedges, flowering tundra plants, and mushrooms. They switch to lichens (reindeer moss), dried sedges (grasslike plants), and small shrubs (like blueberry) in September.

Can you eat caribou?

Northerners have traditionally relied on caribou as a major food source. Caribou can be eaten raw, frozen, aged, roasted, dried or made into jerky, sausage, roasts and steaks. Smoking or drying helps preserve the meat and increases the amount of nutrients due to moisture loss during the drying process.

How do caribou sleep?

Melatonin levels in the animals are low during daylight hours and spike when it turns dark. Caribou don't appear to require a daily cycle of melatonin to regulate sleep, as many animals, including humans, do. "Reindeer sleep in a series of naps, often associated with rumination," Loudon wrote in an e-mail.19 . 2010 .

What is a caribou drink?

Caribou is a sweet French-Canadian alcoholic beverage composed of red wine and a spirit (usually rye whisky) (mixed 3 parts to 1), and maple syrup or sugar. Caribou can be made at home but is now available as a premixed beverage by the Socit des alcools du Qubec.

Do caribou have teeth?

If you examine the jaws of a caribou skeleton you will discover that the caribou has no top incisors or front teeth. You will find bottom incisors and in the back both upper and lower grinding teeth.

Can you milk a caribou?

Reindeer, moose and mithun are also managed for milk production by people in the arctic regions and India, and their milk is discussed here together with that of other interesting minor species that are not used for commercial milk production, such as caribou, musk ox, llama, alpaca, pinniped, polar bear and elephant; ...11 . 2013 .

Do polar bears eat caribou?

They'll also eat fish, shellfish, waterfowl, eggs, rodents and hares. Larger land mammals such as caribou and muskox are difficult to catch, as polar bears overheat quickly due to their thick coats, but they stand a better chance when targeting a young or sickly animal.15 . 2019 .

Are caribou aggressive?

Females usually like to live in a large herd and males tend to display aggression when they are surrounded by other Caribous. So, a male Caribou can prove dangerous as they can get aggressive at any given point and are quite unpredictable.5 . 2021 .

What are some facts about caribou?

Caribou, the common name of Rangifer tarandus , is a wild species of deer. They belong to a large group of hoofed ungulate mammals in the Order Artiodactyls , which also includes pigs, hippos, camels, giraffes, antelopes, llamas, and many other terrestrial even-toed, hoofed animals.

What is the life cycle of a caribou?

LIFE CYCLE: Caribou generally live between eight and 15 years. FEEDING: Although caribou eat a wide variety of foods, winter foraging is limited almost exclusively to ground and arboreal lichens . Caribou in the Selkirk population eat lichens for up to six months of the year.

What is a caribou diet?

Caribou Diet. Caribous are herbivores and their preferred diet is tundra plant matter including leaves, twigs, moss and lichen known as reindeer moss. When food is abundant, an adult caribou can eat as much as 5 6 kilograms of food per day. When the caribou eats, the food goes down to the caribous first stomach,...

What is the habitat of a caribou?

Caribou live In northern and Arctic regions of North America, Europe and Asia. Typical caribou habitat includes tundra (land with permanently frozen soil in which few plants can grow) and Boreal forests (northern pine forests). These cold, harsh environments are home to approximately 2.8 million caribou worldwide.

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