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Cheetahs habitat

What are some facts about cheetahs habitat?

Cheetah facts about its habitat display its widespread distribution across Africa, Iran, and Pakistan. These felines are more likely to build their habitats in semi-deserts or open areas. They are also known to live in savannahs and grassland where vegetation is abundant.

How does a cheetah survive in its habitat?

The cheetah, as a carnivorous animal, must survive by feeding on other animals. Its body features enable it to survive on the few prey in the savanna . It has a long and slim body, muscular legs and a small head, compared to its body, streamlining it to run after prey.

What was the Cheetah's original habitat range?

Not so long ago cheetahs inhabited an area from North Africa to India, but they are now commonly found only in sub-Saharan Africa (south of the Sahara Desert). Their range includes sparse sub-desert, steppe (a treeless plain), medium and long-grass plains.

What type of habitat do cheetahs live on?

Where Do Cheetahs Live? Behavior. These animals hunt during the day and rest in grassy areas at night. ... Distribution and Habitat Africa. ... Asia. ... Threats and Conservation Measures. ...

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