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Close en espaol

What does the word close mean in Spanish?

The "u" in "full" is a close vowel.La "u" en "full" es una vocal cerrada. I asked the barber for a close shave.Le ped al barbero un afeitado apurado. I wanted a close shave, but the razor was dull.Quera un afeitado al ras, pero mi cuchilla estaba sin filo.

What's the meaning of close to Cerca de?

close close to cerca de close the door cierra la puerta cerrar la puerta close your book cierra tu libro close by cerca cercano very close muy unidos muy cerca 15 more rows ...

What does it mean when a shop closes?

The factory closed over ten years ago. close down With sales down, the company closed one factory down and reduced the workforce at another. close Many of the shops in the High Street have closed recently. shut down The bookshop is shutting down after 25 years of business.

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