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Cockatoo live

What's the average life span of a galah cockatoo?

Galah cockatoos have a pretty impressive lifespan that appears to be at the upper range when it comes to parrot lifespans. In the wild it appears they live to around 20, but least 40 years is not unheard of at all for this species in captivity. With good care and a big dose of luck, your galah might even make it to up to 80 years old!

What's the average life span of a Moluccan cockatoo?

Their lifespans are likely pretty similar as well. Moluccan cockatoos are generally reported to live for about 70 years in captivity, but as with other parrots, there have been claims of older much individuals. Some of these claims are pretty well-founded.

How long does it take a cockatoo to lay an egg?

Breeding. The young of all species are born covered in yellowish down, bar the palm cockatoo, whose young are born naked. Cockatoo incubation times are dependent on species size, with the smaller cockatiels having a period of around 20 days and the larger Carnaby's black cockatoo incubating its eggs for up to 29 days.

Is the Cockatoo protected by the CITES Convention?

All species of cockatoo except the cockatiel are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which restricts import and export of wild-caught parrots to special licensed purposes.

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