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Grizzly bears

Here you can see some facts about grizzly bears!

Grizzly Bear (Ursus horribilis) – is North American subspecies of the common brown bear. Grizzly Bear is one of the most dangerous animals. Today it is among the ten most ferocious and aggressive animals on our planet. Even the Latin name of the Bears (Horribilis) means “fierce and terrible.” 

He looks like a brown bear and a view of the structure of the body, but more heavier, awkward and stronger than him. Shoulders, throat and belly are covered with dark brown hair. Grizzly bear fur on the body longer and fluffier than the brown bear. From European bears American grizzly bear different short skull, prominent nasal bones, broad, flat forehead and short ears. The tail is also shorter than that of the brown bear, grizzly bear claws are much longer (13 cm), they are strongly curved and slightly narrowed towards the ends.

grizzly bears

How much do grizzly bears weigh?

Bears living on the coast are usually larger and stronger: for example, in Katmai National Park their average weight is above 450 kg, while in Yellowstone the largest ever-like specimen weighed 408 kg. The main food of coastal populations is salmon fish.

One of the hallmarks of a grizzly – it is his height. It weighs as much as half a ton, and if this handsome stand on his hind legs, his growth will be at least 3 meters! For comparison,brown bear only in exceptional cases reaches 2.2 meters in length. However, the grizzly is more awkward. When Grizzly goes, he reloaded and more rocking. He can climb at trees only in his early youth, but in adulthood he was no longer able to engage in such exercises. But at any age with ease swims broad streams. He is not afraid flow of the river.

What do grizzly bears eat?

The grizzly bear feeds on berries, nuts, grass, honey, acorns and edible roots by 75%. In the spring, a bear catches salmon fish in rivers to spawn. In the summer, it devastates anthills and other insect habitats, eating them in large quantities. Sometimes a bear hunts deer, roe deer, even wolves, and feeds on their meat.

Grizzlies as the brown bear, a big fan of fish. In Alaska, where it is found in large numbers along the banks of rivers and swamps, constantly meet bears trodden path leading to the nearest body of water. But it should be noted that generally grizzly are vegetarians. They mainly feed on plant foods. There are, of course, and those who eat large animals, but much less of such grizzly. They mainly live in the places where poor vegetation environment.

grizzly bears

The habitat of grizzly bears

For today grizzly basically live in reserves: Yellowstone, Mount McKinley and Glacier Park. In 2005 there lived 600 grizzly, although 5 years ago there were only 250 bears. grizzly carefully guarded for decades. These grizzly bears listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Grizzly lives in the mountain valleys and forests of Canada, British Columbia and the Yukon, but today their population is very small. And all because of the fact that in the last century has been enhanced destruction of these animals. Firstly, there were cases of attacks injured animals to people in their own homes. And secondly, people were afraid for their pets, although grizzly never attacked cattle.

At the time, behind head each killed a grizzly relied Prize. Bear Hunter’s becoming more and a grizzly less and less. People said that he was not afraid of man, on the contrary, a grizzly goes straight at him, whether the one on a horse or on foot, armed or unarmed, whether he have offended the bear or not. However, it is not so. Each bear that pochuet a human or see him from afar, just try to get away from him.

Also, when a grizzly bear wants to relax, he confuses his mark, making the rounds back or to the side, and lie down so as to be able to see from a distance or to sense the approach of his pursuer. Yet a man must beware of a grizzly. Danger a grizzly that he has poorly developed senses, especially vision. As has been said, people are not included in the diet of his power, but he could easily attack the person, confusing him with some other animal.

Grizzly did not hesitate to attack if he shows that he is in danger. Wounded animals more often attack, but then their aggression can be justified to protect themselves. Females and males aggressively attack when their cubs are in danger. In 1987, the Reserve of Canada a grizzly killed a two women who met in the forest bear and decided to play with him.

grizzly bears

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