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Are Labradoodles a good dog?

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  • The Labradoodle makes a very good companion dog and does well as a service animal with the right training. This dog is becoming very popular in the average home environment. The Labradoodle is said to be extremely intelligent, taking on both characteristics from the Lab and the Poodle.
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Are Labradoodles good with kids?

  • Most Labradoodles are playful, curious and have nice temperaments. Good with Children – Labradoodles are gentle, caring and playful, making them the perfect pet for young children. Labradoodles enjoy spending time with children and will even seek them out in the house to play and be close to them.

Are Labradoodles healthy?

  • Labradoodles are generally healthy, as it is a cross breed. But like all dogs, this breed is prone to certain health conditions. A few health concerns you should be aware of include ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, Diabetes Mellitus , Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and hypothyroidism.

Can you breed a labradoodle with a labradoodle?

  • Another great tip for breeding Labradoodles is using a technique known as backcrossing . This means you breed your Labradoodle with a Labrador or a Poodle in order to keep the gene pool large. It is common to backcross a Labradoodle and a Poodle in order to produce offspring that have a shed-free coat.


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