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Are there antelope in Arizona?

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  • Antelope Range In Arizona. The habitat of the Arizona Pronghorn Antelope are prairies and grasslands and are most abundant in the North Central plains of the state. Herds are often seen just north of Prescott Valley and those that travel on Interstate 17 can frequently see herds in the wild between Cordes Junction and the edges of Camp Verde,...
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How far is Antelope Canyon from Arizona?

  • The total straight line flight distance from Antelope Canyon to Tucson , AZ is 321 miles. This is equivalent to 516 kilometers or 279 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Page, Arizona. It ends in Tucson, Arizona.

Is an antelope dangerous?

  • Home Mammals Sable Antelope . These large antelopes can be dangerous when cornered, although they can run away quickly - at speeds of 57 kph (35 mph) - if chased by a predator. The word 'sable' is the heraldic term for 'black', and was applied in this case to describe the predominant colour of the male.


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