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Are there Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest?

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Buzz surrounding the arrival of the Asian giant hornet in parts of the Pacific Northwest has many Arizona residents on the lookout, but they're often mistaking the state's native, beneficial bugs for the potentially invasive wasp. Think this is one of the now infamous "Murder Hornets"? Think again.
image-Are there Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest?

Where are Hornets most likely to be found in Arizona?

They thrive in forested areas, feeding on oak tree sap and like to nest underground, often in the burrows of small animals. While Arizona does have forested areas, the giant hornets aren’t often found at high altitudes. “I don’t see Arizona as being at high risk,” Gouge said.

Are there murder Hornets in the United States?

The Washington sightings are the first in the United States, and a May 2 story in the New York Times has brought the insects to the public's attention. That exposure has prompted questions such as where are murder hornets found and whether they will come to Arizona.

What kind of wasp live in southern Arizona?

This is a tarantula hawk, a wasp native to Southern Arizona. They're generally non-aggressive – unless you're a tarantula. Courtesy of Brad Sutton/National Park Service "My family and I were out by the pool and we saw a murder hornet," says a voicemail left for entomologists at the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


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