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How do echidnas mate?

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Echidnas are largely solitary creatures and only convene to mate. Mating season spans from July to August. A few weeks after mating, the female echidna digs a burrow and lays one soft, leathery egg into a temporary ‘pouch’, which she makes by a folding a section of her lower abdomen skin.
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What are the special features of an echidna?

so digging for food is key. ... long tongue to catch their food. ... half-snake creature perceived to have qualities of both mammals and reptiles. ...

Is the Echidna a rodent?

The main difference between Echidna and Porcupine is that the Echidna is a family of mammals and Porcupine is a rodent with a coat of sharp spines. Echidnas (), sometimes known as spiny anteaters, belong to the family Tachyglossidae in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals. The four extant species of Echidnas and the platypus are the only living mammals that lay eggs and the only surviving members of the order Monotremata.


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