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How much is a blue merle Chihuahua worth?

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The average cost of owning a Chihuahuas varies depending on different factors such as gender, age, health, and coat color. But, Chihuahuas usually cost around $300 to $800, while “rare” Chihuahuas such as merle and blue Chihuahuas can be as high as $10,000.
image-How much is a blue merle Chihuahua worth?

How much is a blue Chihuahua worth without papers?

On average, the price of Chihuahuas can vary anywhere from $100 for an older dog with no papers to as much as $1,300+; however, if you were to adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder, then it's best to budget about $450 to $1,300, with females costing a few hundred more than males.8 авг. 2018 г.

How rare is a blue merle Chihuahua?

Not exactly. While this coat variation is new, it isn't very rare. The merle gene isn't recessive, and when a merle Chihuahua breeds with any other Chihuahua, there's a high chance of at least one offspring being a merle. There are other merle colors, but Blue Merle Chihuahua is the least rare of them all.

What is the rarest color of Chihuahua?

White is, arguably, the rarest color of Chihuahua around. An albino Chihuahua isn't the same thing as a white one, but both are the result of a lack of pigmentation. The white Chihuahua lack melanocytes, which give the coat its pigmentation, but retain the eumelanin needed to give them black eyes, noses, and paws.15 авг. 2021 г.

What is wrong with Merle Chihuahuas?

Merle Chihuahuas are more likely to develop hearing and vision problems. These issues will be present when the pup is born and will not improve as he or she ages. The light pigmentation of a Merle Chihuahua's skin makes them more susceptible to sunburns and ultraviolet radiation.

How much is a purebred Chihuahua worth?

Usually, the average price of a Chihuahua puppy from a reputable breeder is between $800 and $2,500, while a top-quality Chihuahua puppy can cost as high as $3,500 and upward. Their price depends upon the pup's age, sex, quality, pedigree, and breeder's location.

How do you get a blue Chihuahua?

It does not always help to look at the parents. This is because a blue can be produced from a tan and a black or Chihuahuas of other colors if both dam AND sire have the recessive blue gene that is passed down to the puppy. Most reputable breeders will not pair two blues together and there is a very good reason why.

How much is a brindle Chihuahua worth?

Brindle chihuahuas are rare to an extent, but not quite rare enough that they deserve some premium of $3000. There's no reason anyone should be trying to sell one for any more than the normal price of chihuahuas. A quick search will find you a number of them up for adoption or for sale for around $500 give or take.26 апр. 2019 г.

Are white chihuahuas rare?

Rare Chihuahua colors - Number 1 – Snow White The rarest Chihuahua breed is snow white! ... A pure white Chihuahua without any markings is the most rear Chihuahua breed for the sole reason of not being easy to produce. In order to get a white Chi, both of the parents must be white.7 июн. 2020 г.

Can Chihuahuas have blue eyes?

Eye Color. Chihuahuas, per AKC standard, are to have luminous (shiny) dark or ruby eyes. White or light tan dogs may have light eyes (hazel). ... Blue eyes can be found with this breed, however are considered to be a fault.

Do Chihuahuas attach to one person?

For all their sass, most Chihuahuas enjoy an abundance of lap time and do not enjoy spending too much time outdoors. They are widely known to gravitate toward one person and reject new people, but that may be because dogs are more inclined to like those that are more in sync with their own personality.28 мар. 2018 г.

What color Chihuahua is most expensive?

Blue Chihuahuas look almost like the tiny dog version of blue Pit Bulls. They're incredibly rare–and incredibly expensive. If you come across a blue Chi, expect these blue-colored pups to cost upwards of $10,000. Merle Chihuahuas, while exceptionally cute, are rare for a reason.

Are Chihuahua hard to train?

Chihuahuas are intelligent, strong-minded dogs that like to do their own thing. This can make them stubborn, earning them a reputation for being hard to train. However, reward-based training methods do appeal to a Chihuahua and there's no reason why they can't be trained to be obedient, just as with any dog.

Are merle dogs rare?

The merle gene is quite rare among Dachshunds, and not seen too often. It can appear in all three coat varieties: long, short and wire-haired. The AKC breed standard specifically states that merle is an allowed coloring. The smaller and more even the spots are, the higher these dogs score in conformation shows.16 мая 2021 г.

How long do Blue merle Chihuahuas live?

Chihuahuas may appear tiny and frail, but like other small toy dogs, they can live long lives. In fact, small dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds on average. For instance, a healthy Chihuahua might live to 15 or even 20 years old while medium and large dogs tend to live to between 10 and 13 years old.

Are Brindle Chihuahuas rare?

According to the American Kennel Club breed standard for Chihuahuas, any color -- solid, marked or splashed -- is acceptable and correct. Brindle is a coat pattern where there are black or any other darker colored streaks causing pronounced stripes on another color, and it is fairly rare in Chihuahuas.

How much does a blue Chihuahua dog cost?

The coat color is more gray to to silvery gray with hints of blue highlights. This coloring is considered rare and highly valued. In some countries, especially in Japan, a Blue Chihuahua can cost up to $10,000!

What makes a blue Chihuahua so valuable in the breeding world?

The Rare Blue Chihuahua. What makes a Blue Chihuahua so valuable in the dog breeding world? The Rare Blue Chihuahua doesn’t necessarily have a blue coat. The coat color is more gray to to silvery gray with hints of blue highlights. This coloring is considered rare and highly valued.

How many different colors of Chihuahuas are There?

Blue Color Variations Blue Chihuauas can be all gray, but more commonly have two-color combinations such as gray and white. There are 29 different colors that are possible on the coat of the Chihuahua, and Blue is one of the rarest…and it is prized by many Chihuahua aficionados.

What kind of coat does a blue Chihuahua have?

Chihuahua dogs can come in a number of different colors and color patterns. Blue may be incorporated in any coloring of a Chihuahua. For example, the blue fawn Chihuahua can be blue, white and tan. The blue merle Chihuahua can be blue and white with a unique coat pattern.


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