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What are five unusual animals of Australia?

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Tasmanian devil. Wild Tasmanian devils (not to be confused with the extinct Tasmanian tiger) can only be found in the Tasmanian wilderness and national parks. Thorny devil. Thorny devils live in central Australia. ... Bandicoot. ... Southern cassowary. ... Bush stone-curlew. ... Frill-necked lizard. ... Platypus. ... Bilby. ... Marsupial mole. ... Echidna. ...
image-What are five unusual animals of Australia?

What are the most common mammals in Australia?

- Brushtail possum. The most common mammal in Sydney, the Brushtail possum is the second-largest possum in Australia, about the size of a domestic cat. - Common ringtail possum. Ringtail possum is another common native Australian marsupial that can be spotted in Sydney. ... - Eastern Pygmy Possum. ... - Sugar Glider. ... - Greater Glider. ...

What is the most dangerous creature in Australia?

Australian Saltwater crocodiles are possibly the most dangerous animals in Australia. They are huge, aggressive, territorial, and are found across the northern areas of Australia.

What are the famous animals of Australia?

Koala Kangaroo Australian Dingo Wombat Quoll Tasmanian Devil Green Tree Frog Frilled Neck Lizard Blue Tongue Lizard


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