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What are good names for ladybugs?

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  • Bucky
  • Vermello - a Galician term that means 'red'
  • Quinn
  • Jingles
  • Dath - an Irish term that means 'color'
  • Uger Bocegi - a Turkish word for 'ladybug'
  • Timber
  • Bugsy
  • Vistoso - a Spanish term that means 'colorful'
  • Mia
image-What are good names for ladybugs?

Why are ladybugs called ladybugs?

  • The Fascinating Reason Why Ladybugs are Called That. Ladybugs, sometimes known as Ladybirds and less commonly Lady Beetles, are a rarity in the insect world in that they’re one of the few creepy crawly insects we as a species don’t actively dislike, due to their habit of eating the things that destroy our crops.

How to get rid of those bugs that look like Lady Bugs?

  • Spray pesticide around the outside of the house every fall, focusing on the south and southwest sides. Leave no section uncovered--spray as high as you can from the ground up. Use a fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.

What do bugs look like ladybugs?

  • ladybugs are more rounded.
  • Spotted Cucumber Beetles have longer antennae than ladybugs.
  • it's probably a Cucumber Beetle!


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