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What are the largest countries in Asia?

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  • Russia is, as of 2015, the largest country on Earth. Russia is so large that it spans both Asia and Europe and takes up 40 percent of Europe's entire land area. China is just over half the size of Russia and ranks as the largest country entirely in Asia.
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What are the names of Asian countries?

  • Asian people are progenies of an umpteen number of ethnic races. It contains countries like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the developed countries of Japan and Russia. This continent is abounding with a variety of climates, lands and amazing landscapes.

What are the major Asian countries?

  • The countries with the highest populations include China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Japan. At present, it is estimated that around 4.4 billion people people current live on the Asian continent, which translates into almost 60% of the world’s total population.

Which Asian countries are poor?

  • 1) Afghanistan. Afghanistan is currently the poorest country in Asia for now with a GDP capital of $577.21. ... 2) Tajikistan. Tajikistan is officially known as the Republic of Tajikistan and it is a sovereign country located in central Asia. 3) Nepal. Nepal is a country in the southeastern part of Asia. ... 4) Yemen. ... 5) Kyrgyzstan. ... 6) Myanmar. ... 7) Uzbekistan. ... 8) Cambodia. ... 9) Bangladesh. ... 10) India. ...


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