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What are the Predators of the Blue Jay?

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  • Photo: jgphaneuf / Flickr. Predators of adult blue jays include falcons, owls and hawks while nestling blue jays may become prey to snakes, crows, squirrels, raccoons, cats, other blue jays and birds of prey.
image-What are the Predators of the Blue Jay?

What are the features of a blue jay?

  • The blue jay has very interesting features. It has a cracking beak. It's short, stout, and cone shaped. Meaning that it can crack nut and shells with its beak. Also the blue jay has perching feet.

What is the characteristic of a blue jay?

  • Key characteristics of Blue Jay energies include boldness, vibrancy, comprehension, devotion, wonder, keen-mindedness, communication, protection, cleverness , and eloquence . NOTE: Blue Jays are a protected Migratory Bird.

What are Blue Jays habits?

  • The Blue Jay Mating Habits. Blue jays are loyal to their mates and form lasting bonds until one of them dies. Courtship is said to begin in early May each year. A group of seven or more blue jays including one female would gather on top of a tree. When the female flies away, she will be followed by the males until she lands in another location.


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