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What does a cheetah eat as a baby?

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Baby cheetahs will stay with their mother from 0 to 18 months. Like all other members of the cat family, the cheetah is carnivorous. They mainly hunt medium-sized antelope such as springbok, gazelles, impalas, and wildebeest . They will also prey on rabbits, birds , and warthogs .
image-What does a cheetah eat as a baby?

What are the special characteristics of a cheetah?

Size. Adult cheetah males are typically larger than females. ... with underparts that are paler and whiter. and high set eyes. ... Eyes. ... Tail. ... Paws. ... Internal Anatomy. ... Dentition. ...

How would you describe a cheetah?

Cheetah Description of the Cheetah. These cats are lean and lanky, allowing them to reach incredible speeds. ... Interesting Facts About the Cheetah. ... Habitat of the Cheetah. ... Distribution of the Cheetah. ... Diet of the Cheetah. ... Cheetah and Human Interaction. ... Cheetah Care. ... Behavior of the Cheetah. ... Reproduction of the Cheetah. ...

Does a cheetah have a scientific name?

The scientific name for Cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus which is also known as the cheetah binomial name , cheetah species name, cheetah latin name, cheetah biological name and cheetah zoological name. Some call it the cheetah botanical name however that term is applicable to the plant kingdom (botany) and not the animal kingdom (zoology).


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