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What does Animas high school do for You?

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Animas High School prepares all students for college and postsecondary success by creating critical thinkers and engaged citizens through an innovative, student-centered, project-based curriculum. AHS was founded in 2009 by community members who saw a need for a distinctive school of choice in the Four Corners region.
image-What does Animas high school do for You?

Where are the schools in Animas New Mexico?

Animas Public Schools serve New Mexico students in preschool through 12th grade who reside in Animas, Hachita, Playas, Rodeo, and Cotton City. We bus many of our students from up to 60 miles away.

Is there a hospital like Animas surgical hospital?

No wonder Animas Surgical Hospital routinely tops the charts in local, state, and national awards for patient satisfaction. Our mission is to provide innovative, exceptional healthcare that patients recommend, physicians prefer, and employees are proud of.

When do elective classes start at home Animas?

Parents and students: The remote learning schedule is changing on September 8, 2020, to incorporate elective classes. Please see the link below for the updates schedule. For the high school, all morning core-classes (1st–4th hours) will take place before lunch, with electives offered after lunch. Please reach out with any questions. Thank you!


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