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What is different between reindeer and caribou?

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Although similar, there are fundamental differences between reindeer and their wild cousins, caribou. Reindeer are shorter and stouter. Reindeer bulls are smaller than caribou bulls, but cows may weigh the same as caribou cows.
image-What is different between reindeer and caribou?

What is the difference between a reindeer and a caribou?

Domestication is one of the primary difference between a caribou and the reindeer. Reindeer are domesticated while a caribou is a wild animal, which has not been domesticated despite having similar physical and temperament qualities with its close cousin, reindeer.

Are reindeers and caribou the same thing?

Reindeer and caribou are actually the same species, Rangifer tarandus, but there are substantial differences between the two. Caribou are large, wild, elk-like animals which can be found in northern North America and Greenland and have never been domesticated.

Is a caribou the same as a reindeer?

Caribou and reindeer are similar animals, which share a significant number of similarities. One of the main similarity between caribou and reindeer are classified in the same genus and species, Rangifer and tarandus respectively. In addition, the two animals have similar adaptation characteristics,...


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